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Delivering state-of-the-art plastic moulding and plastic product design and development

ES Plastics is a longstanding New Zealand manufacturer committed to providing a global client base with a comprehensive plastic manufacturing service that includes everything from product design and prototyping, to tool manufacture and high-quality injection mouldings. Whether you have a new idea or an existing product, chances are if it’s made out of plastic, we can supply it to you with far less hassle than purchasing from overseas. If you’re thinking of introducing a new product to the market, our designers will help you devise the most cost-effective design and we’ll give you valuable advice for making your invention even more commercially appealing!

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Our close proximity to sea ports at Auckland and Tauranga, as well as international airports at Auckland and Hamilton, makes us ideally located for export worldwide.

Unless otherwise negotiated, our export customers pay freight to their nearest export port and we... Read More

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ES Plastics Team wins Bronze medal at The New Zealand Plastic Industry 2016 Design Awards More...
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Copack Swing-Handle 10- and 20-litre Jerry Cans feature ergonomic rubberised grip-handles, breathers and bungs. More...
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FrenzLife Home & Garden Products have a whole range of ingenious, udeful and pratical plastic products. More...
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Seven Sharp: The Hamilton mum who’s got the solution to spilling milk when you pour it from the bottle More...
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Whether your plastic injection moulding requirements are for a handful, or a container full - ES Plastics is the logical choice. ES Plastics - your one stop plastic injection moulding and product design and development solution.
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