At ES Plastics we want to turn your dreams and ideas into reality

Product Innovation

At ES Plastics we want to turn your dreams and ideas into reality.

We can help save you time and money by providing a complete plastic production service – from the initial product design to product assembly and packaging.
Read on to find out how our design team can help bring your product idea to life.

How ES Plastics can help local inventors turn their ideas into commercial ventures.

Sometimes coming up with an idea that has the potential to make money is the easy part. The designers and engineers at ES Plastics welcome enquiries from local inventors and entrepreneurs who want to take their latest invention to market. We help turn these ideas into reality by doing the following three things to ensure commercial success:

First we listen to your idea:

We set aside time to ask you plenty of questions in order to fully understand your product, such as – Who will use it? How big is the market? What does it need to do? What problems does it solve? What limitations or weaknesses could we look to eliminate? How much return will it give you vs. the investment? By asking these questions we can help you decide how and when to produce your product so that it is poised to be a success.

Then we give you as much helpful advice as we can:

Once we fully understand your concept, our engineers and designers will make recommendations on things like the cheapest way to produce your product as well as practical ideas for enhancing it.

After that we create a design:

Once you’ve decided on the options that suit you best, our team go about creating a usable design for you. That way you can see what your product will actually look like and how it will be made.

We’ve seen many products come through our doors and go on to be hugely successful ventures, so we know what you need to make it work for you! Take Bianca Richardson and her product the Houdini Lock. Bianca developed a multi-purpose clip with many uses in the busy parent’s nappy bag, such as securing a nappy, or holding a toy, dummy, blanket or bib in place; as well as other uses that the traditional nappy pin would be used for.

We helped Bianca by advising her on:

  1. Product design to ensure the product worked as well as she intended it to.
  2. What materials to use so that the product remained strong yet economical to make.
  3. Other products she could make to complement her product offering.

If you have an idea which you think has commercial value, come and see us.
We will always sign confidentiality agreements and give you any advice that can help you on your way.

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