At ES Plastics we want to turn your dreams and ideas into reality

Injection Moulding

Our injection moulding capabilities include:

  • A modern 1750sqm factory
    11 moulding machines ranging from 20 tonne to 800 tonne
  • Insert moulding
  • Thermoplastic moulding
  • Thermoset moulding
  • The ability to produce a diverse range of products that each have a maximum weight of 4.5kg
  • The ability to manufacture in run sizes from 10 to 1,000,000 plus.


ES Plastics specialises in custom injection plastic moulding and precision toolmaking for a range of industries such as automotive, marine, electrical and animal health. The types of products we produce include a wide variety of components for almost every application from electric switches and drench guns, to meter boxes and water valves. We have eleven injection moulding machines operating in our modern factory. Together, these give us the capability of manufacturing almost everything from a tiny tap washer to a large compost bin in production runs ranging from one to over one million.

Material that we mould:

  • Acetal
  • Bakelite
  • ABS
  • Phenolic
  • HDPE
  • Polycarbonate
  • PP
  • Polysulfone
  • PBT
  • TPR
  • PET
  • TPE
  • PVC
  • S
  • Silicone rubber
  • Glass reinforced pp
  • Styrene
  • Nylon 6
  • PEI
  • Nylon 66
  • PPS
  • Glass reinforced nylon
  • Recycled materials
  • Polyester


ES Plastics provides a comprehensive design, model-making and prototyping service, numerous assembly operations, and optional in-house product decoration by screen printing or hot stamping.

Our in-house design service utilises state-of-the-art CAD CAM software which enables us to effectively stress analyse new products to ensure their structural integrity.