Swing Handle Jerry Cans,
make transporting liquid easier than ever

Swing Handle Jerry Cans

Swing Handle Jerry Cans, make transporting liquid easier than ever

Before we designed the Swing Handle range of Jerry Cans a lot of market research was conducted to ensure that we were offering what the market wanted which has resulted in ESP and COPACK developing a 10 and 20 Litre family with unparalleled features.

Both sizes share the same base dimensions with only the height differing. We incorporated a 70mm Tamper Evident Cap to cater to products with a high viscosity level as well as to comply with UN requirements for the maximum diameter opening permitted for a DG rated Jerry Can. At the rear of the Jerry Cans is a PE Closed Cell wadded 38mm Tamper Evident Cap to act as a breather, or to fit 38/410 based Hand Pumps. For customers that need to decant product, a 3/4″ BSP Bung is located at the base of the rear panel in line with the 38mm Cap and Visi- Strip running between the two fitments enabling users to visually check the level of contents.

Swing Handle Jerry Cans offer better pour control of liquids as wrists provide more movement when moved up and down as opposed to side to side as required with Jerry Cans featuring solid “in-line” handles. To compliment the actual Swing Handle, we have incorporated a rubberised over-moulded hand grip to make the handling of the jerry cans ergonomic and easy on the hands due to there being no sharp angles to contend with.

Our Swing Handle Jerry Cans are our “Premium” line and highly used in the AgChem / HortChem markets and for Animal Health products that are predominantly sold through rural stores and veterinary clinics where the presentation of your product can be the deciding factor on purchasing off the shelf.