Anti-Glug Fortress, fill up
drinkable water with no hassle

Anti-Glug Fortress

Anti-Glug Fortress, fill up drinkable water with no hassle​. Free up to 50 litre.

Being both customer focused and innovative in our approach to product performance, we have designed an enhanced version of our already proven 20 Litre Fortress Jerry Can.

The new “Anti-Glug” option for the Fortress provides the benefit of being able to pour the contents of the Jerry Can with minimal splash back, or “glug” as this is commonly known. By adding a special breather vent into the opening of the Jerry Can means that the volume of liquid that has been decanted has been displaced by the same volume of air providing a very smooth and even pour rate.

This can be important when handling hazardous chemicals that can cause eye and skin irritations when users experience direct contact with harmful products especially in the early stages of the pour when the container is at its fullest.

Once we have achieved UN Approval, this option will be available in DG Format for those users that require a Jerry Can that is DG Rated. However, this “Anti-Glug” option will be available in NON DG format very shortly and can be of immediate benefit for use with automotive fluids, cleaning liquids, liquid fertilisers, animal health products, and other markets where you believe the valued end user, or customer will find benefit from this feature.