What We Do

At ES Plastics we help businesses produce and supply their plastic products to NZ and abroad.

We strive to offer the best plastic production services using processes which save you money.
Our services include Injection Moulding, Precision Blow moulding, Plastic Product Design, and Precision Toolmaking.




Take pressure off your cashflow

Using offshore manufacturers often means you have to purchase massive quantities. This can put huge pressure on your cashflow especially when you’re first starting out. We allow you to order in smaller batches plus help you tailor orders to seasonal cycles.


Shorter waiting times

Imagine running out of stock and having to wait weeks before your next shipment. When you buy from a NZ-based manufacturer like ES Plastics, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your product is only a short distance away. We can often do small emergency runs so you’ll never get stuck.


Keep your idea safe

Don’t risk someone stealing your idea! We always sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with our clients – we will never sell it somewhere else. Can you be sure your offshore manufacturer will do the same?


Cut out costly communication errors

To put it simply, we speak the same language and we’re basically just around the corner. Rather than battle through time zones, language barriers, and sheer distance, why not use someone close to home? You’re less likely to suffer from easily avoidable communication errors.

Find out how we can save you money

Big savings

Is price driving you to have your product manufactured offshore but logistics and cashflow making you wish you could get it done here?

Manufacturing your product offshore can sound attractive when you compare unit prices, and many businesses make the assumption that buying in bulk from offshore suppliers is going to provide massive cost savings. However, in reality, buying offshore can create a number of headaches including having to pay up-front for whole container loads of product and waiting an extra-long time for delivery.

So, whether you have a new idea or an existing product, we can supply it to you with far less hassle than purchasing from overseas.

Super-tough plastic is also proving to be a more effective and profitable material than metal, glass or wood for many products. Plastic technology has changed significantly and these days there are many different plastic composites which rival traditional production materials like metal and wood. The benefit is that plastic is often far cheaper and more reliable to use from a manufacturing point of view. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your product so that it is stronger, lasts longer, or can stand up to different elements, then it might pay to consider plastic as an alternative to your current production methods.

Case study

How we helped the Micro Quota reduce its manufacturing costs by 65%!



Find out all about our Quality Control

Quality Systems: Our fantastic plastic

ES Plastics is fully ISO 9001 accredited by Lloyds and is committed to providing a high quality comprehensive plastic manufacturing service. To achieve this we have implemented Quality Control and Assurance systems throughout our factory.

ES Plastics works closely with its suppliers of raw materials to ensure that the plastics used are of high quality and suitable for each application. We have complete material batch traceability.

By forming close working relationships with our customers, we can offer extensive technical support, ensuring that our customers are getting full benefits from improving technology and material developments.

Our quality system incorporates a comprehensive Quality Manual, Procedure Manuals, and a corrective action system. These are all subjected to regular internal auditing.

The quality assurance of our production is offered in three levels

Visual inspection of the product at the moulding machine.

 As per level one, with actual measurement of the product size and function.

As per level two, with the addition of a pre-dispatch audit using military standard sampling plans to determine the audit sample size.
A conformance certificate is issued with a level three dispatch.


Every product has a detailed quality specification including all test methods and frequencies to check the product against.

Our quality system is under continued review to ensure both our customers and ourselves that we are providing the best possible quality at a competitive price.

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Whether your plastic injection moulding requirements are for a handful, or a container full - ES Plastics is the logical choice. ES Plastics - your one stop plastic injection moulding and product design and development solution.
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