Cue-Mate - Cattle Drug Delivery System


The ability of ES Plastics to work closely with their clients and provide rapid turnaround times is what helped Duirs-PfarmAg successfully launch their new cattle drug delivery system, Cue-Mate.

Cue-Mate and its custom-built manufacturing system was designed and developed by ES Plastics, and was completed almost twelve months ahead of schedule due to what Duirs-PfarmAg attributes to ES Plastic's, `efficient turn-around times and quality of work'.

Designed to provide a safe, economical and animal-friendly progesterone treatment to regulate the reproduction cycle of cattle, Cue-Mate is one of a range of technology-related agricultural products currently being developed and distributed by Hamilton company, Duirs-PfarmAg.

According to Duirs-PfarmAg Managing Director, Graham Duirs, "One of the things we really appreciate about ES Plastics is that they are such an easy team to work with. They have also provided us with excellent turnaround times in the work that they've done".

ES Plastics also impressed Duirs-PfarmAg by getting everything right first time. They were able to achieve this by virtually creating the product on their CAD CAM computer-based system. This allowed them to quickly adjust the design where necessary, and address all the production issues throughout the development process.

ES Plastic's ability to design, develop and manufacture an entire proprietary manufacturing process for Cue-Mate also provided Duirs-PfarmAg with a significant competitive advantage in the way that they manufacture their product.

"We did not have to purchase any machines for manufacturing Cue-Mate," Graham says. "They were all custom-designed and built by ES Plastics."

"I believe that the capabilities provided by ES Plastics are going to enable us to significantly grow our business," Graham adds.

As a result of the very close and satisfactory working relationship ES Plastics established with Duir-PfarmAg during the Cue-Mate project, the two companies are continuing to work together on a number of other product development projects.

And that's just the type of ongoing client relationship that ES Plastics likes to develop.

ES Plastic Managing Director, Jeff Sharp says, "Our goal is to become a part of our client's R & D department so we are able to work right alongside them and share a deep understanding of their business and particular industry. That way we can ensure that the products and machines we design and develop for them will always meet their specific requirements."

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